PTSA Goals for 2019-2020

    1. Have a greeter at all PTSA Meetings to maximize inclusion and put a face to PTSA.
    2. Focus on Outreach/Diversifying by offering a variety of programs and activities to appeal to more families (no cost, daytime and evening offerings), and encourage new people to step forward as committee chairs. BY expanding committee chair representation and offering programs 
    1. Establish a plan to help families with the transition with the 2020-2021 year.
    2. Explore Outdoor Science Program (revisiting outdoor classroom idea?) and /or green house.
    3. Creating a volunteer club working with a local organizations, such as Kiwanis, YMCS, etc.
    4. Invite guest speakers for family & parent education.
    5. Create transparency of survey results to share with families.
    6. Establish bicycle safety protocol, ensuring storage & rider safety are consistent with district requirements. 
    1. Investigate need and feasibility of installing a PTSA drop box/lock box.
  • PTSA Membership Goals: 
    100% Staff Membership - Completed
    Target 500 members (439 members so far!)