Golden Acorn


We would like to congratulate the following individuals who were nominated for the Golden Acorn and the Outstanding Educator award. Every individual has made considerable contributions when it comes to volunteer service for which we are grateful.


Golden Acorn Nominees:

 17 Golden Acorn Nominees: This award honors outstanding volunteer service in our school and our community.

Anisha Nelaturi Lauren Tomlin Pauline Wray
Archana Jayaraman  Lina Jiang Rong Li
Bushra Yassir Madhuri Eashwar Stacey Hutchison 
Jun Ma Mary Khouzam Tamara Brust
Karrie Palis Melissa Lane Zheng Lv
Kris Cahill Mona Tandon


Outstanding Educator Nominees:

12 Outstanding Educator Nominees:  This award honors outstanding educators who have made significant

contributions in their community.

Daniel Castelli  Kyle Redmon Nari Park
Dorothy Lund Mary Wyrwitzke Nicole Randles 
Kevin Pierce Michael Hertzog Sarah Dos Remedios
Kristy McVay Myrna Torres Tracy Bickhaus


The Golden Acorn award is offered by the Washington State PTA for recognition of a volunteer who has given outstanding service to children in the school and community. The Outstanding Educator is offered by the Washington State PTA to recognize an individual (any staff member) who has demonstrated distinguished educational contributions for ALL children.