Thank you for volunteering to chair a committee this year. Your time and commitment to our Fernwood community is very appreciated! Here are some useful resources for your reference. Feel free to convene a committee to help you plan and execute your event. Your Board of Directors is also here to help support you. We are excited for a new school year!!


Important Information




**Confirm your budget. **

Past detailed info for your event may be obtained.

Treasurer, Bobbie Moe

Your budget may not be exceeded without having prior written approval, or you may incur the additional costs.

Communication Options

  • Include Panther Paw logo & NSD disclaimer.
  • Have a draft approved by the board.

Mary Khouzam

Karrie Palis

Amy Holstad

Facebook Post

Email message to parents

Post to:

Monthly printed newsletter

Reader board at school

Take-home flyers/ Printing

ONE send-home flyer per event is permitted by the school.

Send draft to Mary, Karrie or Amy for approval.

Then send to FW office manager for approval.

The Graphics Center is located at 22105 23rd Dr SE, Bothell, WA 98021.

FW Office manager LeAnn Edison

Consider ½ sheets where appropriate. Color posters are also available for under $1.00.


Obtain list of volunteers to help plan the event or help the day of the event.

Use for volunteer schedule or donation requests.

Volunteer Coordinator,

Susan Tait

We have a master list of volunteers for you to form a committee and/or have help on the day of the event.

Petty Cash

Submit a completed Reimbursement Form (indicate Petty Cash) to Treasurer.

Treasurer, Bobbie Moe

Allow one week to process.

Money Handling Procedures

All money collected at events may only be handled by current PTSA paid members.

Ass't Treasurer, Serena Xu

Deposits: Use the Cash Received Form to record the deposit, and have it signed by two PTSA members before turning over to the Ass't Treasurer.


Vendor contracts may only be signed by an elected board member.

See board members' contact info here.



All forms are available on our website.

Panther Paw Logo - NSD disclaimer -LetterheadCash Received FormReimbursement Form

Facility Reservations

The PTSA secretary coordinates all facility reservations. Events listed on the PTSA calendar have already been requested.

PTSA Secretary, Amy Holstad


Please contact the secretary with any additions or changes.


Chair and table reservations

FW custodian, Deb Livingston


Food service items, such as coolers & freezers

Food Services at NSD, Michael Shurtlieff

Kitchen reservation $35 / hour minimum of 2 hours

Before your event
:  *check the PTSA shed for supplies such as utensils, napkins, tablecloths, PTSA banners, etc. Contact Mary Khouzam for the key.

*notify police via non-emergency number (per WSPTA rules) three days prior to your event. *Kindly return cashboxes promptly for use by other committees.

After your event: Please update your committee binder (located in the credenza in the front office), or hand in any notes that may be helpful for next year's committee.


Fernwood Elementary PTSA - Board of Directors 2017-2018